Environmental, Social, and Governance

Cogebi Asia is a global leader of insulation materials and components. The our products are used in Wind Generators, Electrical Vehicles, Fuel Cells, Solar Concentrator Plants, and much more.

We are aligned in supporting technologies and industries that is building a low carbon economic future.


We focus our business and operations activities where applicable to bring a positive impact to the environment. Our organization is to

  1. Encouraging our customers on the efficient usage, minimizing waste, of insulation materials and components

  2. Encouraging our employees to be mindful in limiting their carbon foot print and recycle

  3. Developing solutions that can support technologies and industries in reaching low carbon economic future


We conduct our business in a socially responsible manner and contributes back to the communities in which operate.  We respect the needs of our employees and stakeholders and pledges to

  1. Encouraging diversity and equal opportunity for in recruitment and career development of our employees

  2. Respecting human rights and is against of modern slavery

  3. Inspiring the next generation of engineers through internship programs

  4. Ensuring employees well being as a top priority

  5. Supporting relevant charities and local community   


We strive to achieve the highest integrity in all our dealings with stakeholders and customers.

We will (i) be a good corporate citizen, and (ii) is committed to preventing bribery and corruption


ESG shall be our living pledge. It will be reviewed and improved upon from time to time.