Foundry Industry

COGE-FOIL 504 products are designed for separation of the refractory material and lining around induction coil. 

The different types of COGE-FOIL are designed to fulfill all customer needs from basic separation material to thermal barrier and finally equipped with metal mesh to detect any risk of perforation of the crucible.

  • Cogefoil 504 Sheets 
  • Cogefoil 504 Rolls                                                                
  • Cogefoil 504 Sinter 
  • Coge-Combi 504      
  • Coge-Tech 504 

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We have a range of materials that can help you protect your induction coils during servicing. These are;

 Fibre Glass Cloth Tape with Mica for Induction Coil Protection

 Mica Slots for Induction Coil Spacing and Protection

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Mica Powder is a product with high quality aspect ratio. It is chemically known as Alumina Silicate. It is fireproof in nature with low heat thermal conductivity and excellent thermal stability.

It is ideal for use with your furnace coating and filler.

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Our in house capability for machining, drilling, cutting, sawing and punching can produce insulation material profiles of various shapes and dimension according to your requirement.

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